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5 Advantages of Partnering with Recruitment Agencies for Complex Hiring

Posted by Andrea Ryan

Most people know there are plenty of reasons to team up with recruitment agencies.

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The advantages of working with recruitment agencies become even more pronounced when it comes to complex hiring. So long as you’re working with the right recruiters, complex hiring processes can be simplified in many different ways.


1. They Know the Industry

Technical recruiting agencies are a particular help to hiring managers and employers in industries like construction, mining, and other areas where workers in specific fields are needed. If you’re looking to hire an engineer with a very specific skill set, a technical recruiter is likely your best bet.

Why? Well, technical recruiters have the advantage of knowing the industry. They deal with companies like yours on a regular basis, so they get to know the ins and outs of what employers seek in certain positions—and even what kinds of positions you hire for and current market salaries and pay ranges. They are also more familiar with necessary skills and training.


2. They Have a Deeper Candidate Pool

Recruiting agencies have a distinct advantage over many individual companies in that they have a deeper candidate pool. Since they have contacts in many industries, they’re able to reach other networks outside of your specific sector to get the word out to qualified candidates in fields you may not have considered.

Since they’re drawing on talent from a number of different networks, you can bet recruiters end up with a deeper talent pool. Not only are there more candidates, there are more qualified candidates for any given job you might be hiring for.


3. They Access Passive Candidates

The recruiters’ networks also include passive candidates—people who are interested in new roles, but aren’t actively seeking out new positions. These people aren’t going to apply to your job posting; they may not even see it. But the recruiter can prod them into action, sending them the posting for consideration.

Passive candidates expand your candidate pool and give you access to qualified people you may not ever come in contact with otherwise.


4. They Pre-Screen for You

Hiring can be a difficult process, and a lengthy one. Not only are you looking for a specific skillset, but you’re looking for a certain kind of individual, one who clicks with your corporate culture. That, coupled with the fact you probably receive many applications, makes it difficult to hire. If you need to hire for multiple positions, things can quickly become overwhelming.

Recruiting agencies can help here too. They pre-screen candidates for you, helping you weed out the unqualified job seekers from the truly standout candidates. The recruiter can also screen candidates for cultural fit. This narrows the candidate field even more; you get only a handful of resumes and applications to consider. You probably conduct only a few interviews—and you’ll likely find the right person.


5. They’re Invested in the Long Term

Some people think recruiters can only help them fill temporary or contract positions, which isn’t true. Most recruitment agencies can help you fill permanent positions within your company as well.

They also think long term when it comes to their relationship with you. It’s hardly in recruiting agencies’ best interests to simply fill positions with unqualified candidates or to pass along a number of resumes for people who don’t meet your requirements. The recruiter is just as invested in finding the right person as you are!

This view of the long haul is especially helpful for complex hiring and for building long-term relationships to help you hire again and again as your business grows.

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