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5 Engineering Jobs to Consider If You’re Looking for Work in Ontario

Posted by Jamie Dargie

These days, Canada’s engineering industries are booming with job growth and expansion. If you are an engineer in Ontario or want to become one and are considering which field to go into, then it is recommended that you consider working with a technical recruiter to help you figure out which engineering position is right for you.

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To find the right engineering job, you should know which specific types of engineers are the most valued in Ontario. With a strong mining, petrochemical, and construction direction, the province highly values mining, petrochemical (chemical), civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers.

While some types of engineering positions are geared towards the cities, such as Toronto, others are based in locations that focus more on resource extraction, such as Northern Ontario. Furthermore, because there is a significant amount of competition for engineering positions in Ontario’s big cities, such as Toronto and Ottawa, it might be wise to search for a position within a smaller nearby city, like Hamilton or Kingston.

If you are unsure about how to determine which engineering jobs are right for you, then here are the five types of engineering jobs you should consider if you are in the engineering field and are looking for work in Ontario.


1. Mining Engineering

One of the most valued types of engineering positions in Ontario you can consider when looking for work in the province is mining engineering. Northern Ontario offers an especially large collection of mining engineering positions as there is a rich reserve of resources there.

Finding a job in Northern Ontario may be easier than trying to search for an engineering job in a city because there is less competition. The large concentration of mining engineering jobs in the Northern part of the province and the relatively small population there also means there may be many unfilled positions there.


2. Petrochemical Engineering

Petrochemical engineering is a specialized type of chemical engineering that focuses on the creation of plastics for everyday use in modern societies. Due to Ontario’s heavy reliance on various kinds of plastics, there is an increasing job market for petrochemical engineers.

If you want to work as an engineer in Canada   and want flexible options regarding which parts of Ontario you want to live in, then petrochemical engineering is for you.


3. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the most creative and needed types of engineering in the modern world. Civil engineers are not only responsible for designing building structures, but they are also one of the most necessary types of engineers in Ontario.

There are over 100 companies in the province that specifically hire civil engineers. Civil engineers are needed for commercial, residential, and institutional developments. With the prominence of developers both in big cities, such as Toronto, and in underdeveloped or undeveloped neighbourhoods, civil engineers are necessary throughout all of Ontario.


4. Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is another one of the most popular types of engineering jobs in Ontario. There are over 100 electrical engineering companies, just like there are for civil engineering, in the province alone.

Cities like Toronto and Hamilton need electrical engineers as they have many general contractors that focus on construction and electrical developments.


5. Mechanical Engineering

While there may not be as many mechanical engineering positions in Ontario as there are for civil and electrical engineering, it is possible for mechanical engineers to make more money than many other types of engineers.

The average annual salary for mechanical engineers tends to be about $63 000 per year, but it can easily go up to about $80 000 per year. As the engineers responsible for creating modern technology and buildings, they have one of the most interesting engineering jobs out there.



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