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6 Skills Every Design Architect Needs to Succeed

Posted by Andrea Ryan

Design architect is a dream job for many people and it might just be your dream career. Like every job, it takes a number of skills to be successful in this role.

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If you develop these six talents and skills, you’ll be well on the road to success.

1. Good Communication

When people are asked about the essential skills for design architects, they often overlook some of the more obvious skills. These are known as soft skills. Almost everyone needs to master a number of soft skills to succeed.

One of the more important soft skills is good communication. Communication forms the backbone of almost any industry you’ll ever work in. Design architects need to be able to articulate their vision and communicate concerns. They’ll also be working within a team. Communicating and managing expectations are important.

2. Legal Knowledge

It’s a crucial skill for a design architect to have some working knowledge of the legal framework for infrastructure.

Building codes and laws will influence what you can design and how you design it. You may need to be the voice of reason reminding the rest of your team about the law when you’re working on a new design.

Staying up to date on your legal knowledge will also help you. There’s nothing worse than needing to go back to the drawing board because the building code changed.

3. Math

Many design architects are attracted to the design portion of the operation. You may have imagined the job as a more artful role compared to engineers or construction workers.

You still need a solid understanding of mathematics. Your designs need to be grounded in measurements and scales if they’re ever going to be implemented in the real world. Math may not be your favourite subject, but it doesn’t hurt to have a knack for it.

Fortunately, math is a subject you can become better at over time. Keep working at it and you will improve.

4. Engineering Skills

Just like you need to understand math, you also need to understand engineering. Some designs may be more intricate in design than others, but you still need to ground them in reality. You need to know what’s possible in the realm of engineering or your designs may otherwise be shot down during team meetings.

While your engineering colleagues may still need to direct your attention to the finer points, a rough understanding of engineering principles and capabilities will serve you well.

5. Artistic Skills

You may not need to paint the next “Mona Lisa,” but you should still have some artistic skill if you’re going to be a successful design architect. Chances are you do, which is why you got into the field in the first place.

Artistic skills stretch beyond putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas. Most design architects are able to visualize the building they’re working on, even without a sketch. This also includes an element of abstract thinking, since you’re imagining how something that doesn’t even exist yet will look!

6. Leadership Skills

As the design architect, you might head the design team or you may be one of several architects. You may need to collaborate with many other people. Some people may even steer the vision for the new project. You’ll likely end up managing at least a few team members as you move from initial design to blueprint to realization.

If you work on developing your leadership skills, among others, you’ll be set for a successful career as a design architect.


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