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7 Tips for Hiring Managers to Find Top Talent

Posted by Brad Holtkamp

Are you having trouble finding top talent? Good help can be hard to find. Hiring managers can become frustrated if they’re not able to find qualified workers for open positions. However, there are plenty of things you can do to attract and hire the workers you need. Here are seven tips for hiring managers who need to find top talent.  

1. Create Good Job Descriptions

Job descriptions will help you attract good candidates, but only if the descriptions are clear and concise. If your descriptions are confusing or vague, the wrong candidates will be attracted to your posting, and it will be harder to find top talent.

When writing your job descriptions, ensure to list the day-to-day responsibilities, so candidates will know exactly what they’ll be expected to do. Also, list the skills and education required to perform well in the role.

2. Place Ads in the Right Places

To find top talent, hiring managers need to place job ads in places where the right candidates will see them. If you’re looking for contractors in engineering or technical fields, post your ads on industry-specific job boards. If you post ads on more general job boards, you may be swarmed with unqualified applicants. 

3. Ask for Referrals

Candidate referral programs can be a powerful way to find top talent. If you already have high-quality contractors working at your company, ask them to refer candidates to you. They may have people in their personal or professional networks who are very qualified, but who wouldn’t have heard of your job posting otherwise. Referral programs are a great way to find candidates who may not be actively looking for a new job, but who are open to a change.

4. Check Application Materials Carefully

When you post a job, you’ll receive a lot of cover letters and resumes, and many of the applicants will be unqualified. To find top talent, you need to review these materials carefully. Unqualified applicants usually don’t write cover letters, so some hiring managers discard applications that don’t include a cover letter. Next, scan resumes to look for applicants who have the right experience and qualifications. Once you’ve identified candidates who look promising, call them in for interviews.

5. Evaluate Candidates for Soft Skills

Resumes will let you know if candidates have the right education and experience for positions, but resumes don’t let you evaluate soft skills. Soft skills are interpersonal skills, and these skills can separate people who are good workers from people who are top talent.

Ask candidates to describe a time they had to ask for help, a time they had conflicts with coworkers, or a time they had to take leadership roles at work. The answers to these types of behavioural questions let you evaluate candidates’ soft skills.

6. Make Time to Call References

Companies don’t always make the time to call candidates’ references, but this is a crucial step. Candidates may look good on paper and perform well in interviews, but that doesn’t show you how they’d perform when they’re on the job.

Call the references they’ve provided to find out more about how they performed on the job. These calls can reveal problems like subpar work, issues with coworkers, or even lies on their resumes.

7. Work with a Technical Recruiter

Finding top talent is a lot of work, and for busy hiring managers, there may not be enough hours in the day to do it. Hiring is timeconsuming, and your work hours may be better spent elsewhere. Working with a technical recruiter is a time-efficient way for hiring managers to find the best candidates.

Technical recruiters can help you find talented workers in fields like construction, manufacturing, mining, and alternative energy. Some hiring managers mistakenly think agencies only place low-level workers, but in fact, they willhelp you find people for senior, management, or executive roles.

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