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Applying to Construction Jobs? Follow These Expert Resume Tips

Posted by George Hoadley

The construction industry is booming coast to coast. If you’ve been wanting to get into the field or switch jobs within the field, now is a great time to start the job search and apply. While the winter season can be somewhat slower for construction in Canada, projects will ramp up in the spring. Construction companies want to be ready.

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If you’re planning to apply to construction jobs, spruce up your application using these expert resume tips.

List Your Certifications

One way to stand out from the pack when you’re applying to construction jobs is to include any certifications you might have. You’ll likely list your education including any diplomas or certificates, but don’t forget about other certifications, such as health and safety training.

If you’ve pursued continuous education as a hobby, you may want to include those as well. A certificate related to communications, technology, computer sciences, or mechanics might get you noticed by a potential employer.

Always be judicious about the certifications you include. Some may not be applicable to the job.

Select a Stand-Out Design

One of the resume tips people love to give is using design to differentiate your application. A great design is both eye-catching and memorable. Since your potential employer or the recruiter they’re working with is sorting through hundreds of applications, a design can truly make you stand out.

There are certain rules you should follow. There is a reason most people use the standard resume layout, which typically consists of black text on a white background. It’s professional and easy to read. Design can become cluttered or look unprofessional if it’s not handled correctly.

Make sure you select a design template appropriate for the job. A graphic designer may be able to get away with an innovative design on their resume, but the hiring manager looking at your resume wants to clearly see your work experience. List your positions in reverse chronological order, with your most recent position at the top.

Good design will be uncluttered, professional, and easy to read.

Get Help from a Recruiter

You might already be working with a recruiter to find and apply for jobs. You may have decided to do your job search on your own, however, a recruiter could still be a good resource. Recruiters see thousands of resumes so they know what to look for. They often know what potential employers are looking for too.

Recruiters are in a position to dole out excellent expert resume tips on how to design, write, and construct applications for construction jobs. Your resume should be easy to read and error free.

Recruiters also help job seekers in many other ways. If you’re applying to construction jobs, think about partnering with a recruiter. They can help you find more jobs to apply to and jobs that are better suited to you.


If you’ve ever received a personalized offer from a company, you likely felt better about it than the generic, one-size-fits-all marketing emails that land in your inbox on a daily basis.

The hiring managers at the companies you’re applying to feel the same way when your application lands in their inboxes. If you’re using the same resume for each and every job you apply to, stop. Take five minutes and customize each resume for the job.

Construction jobs vary between worksites and employers. Show the hiring manager you took the time to read the job posting carefully. Highlight how well your skills fit the description of the role. Not only will you draw attention to your skills, you’ll also highlight the fact you do your research.

Use these resume tips if you want to land a new construction job soon.


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