11 Oct

Looking for Work in BC? 5 Construction Jobs to Consider

Posted by George Hoadley

The job market across Canada is growing, and construction is one of the driving forces behind this growth. The industry is gaining steam across the country from coast to coast. It’s good news for job seekers in every province, including those in BC. 

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Yes, if you’re looking for work in BC, you might want to consider a position in the construction industry. While you might think of jobs like carpenter and mason, the construction industry actually hires a number of professionals with other expertise. 

Take a look at these five construction jobs—you might have the skill set for more positions than you think!


1. Construction Manager

The position of construction manager is a great option for people who have experience working in the construction industry and managerial experience. Construction managers look after a project site, in effect overseeing the job. They keep track of schedules and report on when materials are needed. They investigate the quality of work and guide others through what still needs to be done. 

While you’ll need some experience to get a construction manager position, it’s a great option for those looking for something a little different from what they’ve been doing in the construction industry already.


2. Construction Safety Officer

Every construction company is concerned about safety, and every construction site needs to be safe. Are you an expert on safety? Do you enjoy evaluating safety measures and recommending new precautions and procedures to help keep your co-workers safer? 

Construction safety officer might be the job for you. The safety officer ensures procedures are being followed properly and work is executed in a safe manner. The officer may evaluate sites and make recommendations about safety protocols to follow. You might even make recommendations for new protocols designed to help everyone work safer. 

Construction safety officer is an important job with big responsibility since many workers are hurt on construction sites each year. If you’re up to the challenge, consider this position.


3. Drafting Specialist

Calling architects and engineers! This might be the job for you. Drafting is a specialized job within construction, and it requires some special skills. In this position, you’ll be drawing up the plans for construction projects. You’ll also likely revise them, time and time again, even as the project gets underway.

If you like making technical plans and thinking not only about design but also function, drafting is probably for you. Since this job is for a specialist, you’ll need some previous drafting experience and the right credentials to be considered. If you’re not there yet, consider positions that will allow you to begin honing the skills you’ll need.


4. Civil Engineer

Some construction companies contract out their engineering work, especially when it comes to civil engineering. The company may partner with an engineering firm specializing in this area. In other cases, the company may have an in-house civil engineer who works on a number of different projects.

Civil engineers are important for construction projects since they consider any number of facets of the building, from how to construct it to meet local building codes to how the land around it must be landscaped in order to provide proper drainage of water. It’s a big job and an important one.


5. Electrical Engineer

Many construction projects will have some electrical component. This is particularly true of buildings such as homes, office buildings, and even warehouses. That’s why these projects need electrical engineers.

There are plenty of different construction jobs available. This is only a sampling of them. If you’re looking for work in BC, don’t pass over the growing construction industry. Your next job is waiting for you.



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