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Top 5 Qualities to Look for in Construction Workers

Posted by Howard Gang

Construction is booming across Canada, leading to worker shortages from BC to PEI. The situation has left employers in a mad scramble to hire the best of the best. In your haste to get people into roles you need filled, you may be tempted to hire just about anybody.

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You should still screen for the qualities and skills that make for good workers. If you don’t want to risk making a bad hire or needing to hire again in a short time, keep an eye out for these five qualities when hiring construction workers.

1. Communication Skills

At the top of your list of qualities for any construction worker to fill almost any role with your company should be “a good communicator.” While communication skills can be taught and honed over time, it’s easier for you if you hire someone who’s already proficient at communicating.

Communication forms the backbone of almost any construction project. Whether you need to present an idea to the board, discuss an alternate plan when construction hits a snag, or even just request new supplies, communication is important to making sure the project stays on track.

If you look for construction workers who already have this soft skill, you’ll see the payoff around the office and the construction site alike.

2. Teamwork Skills

Your construction workers are going to end up working in teams. This is true of almost anyone in any role within the company. Whether they’re working on-site or in procurement, your construction workers will rarely work in complete isolation.

Teamwork skills help get the job done. Much like good communication skills keep everyone on the same page, good teamwork skills allow everyone to work together in a harmonious way. The job stays on track and will likely be finished sooner if everyone works together.

3. Time Management Skills

Every hiring manager says they like good time management skills in an employee. Most people will suggest they have great time management skills on their resumes. It can almost feel like a toss-away line since you’ll see it so often.

Time management skills are incredibly important for construction workers in any number of roles. You have deadlines to meet. Some tasks are time-sensitive. Delays are very common on the sites of construction projects. You need workers who can manage their time effectively. You also need employees who know how to prioritize and reorganize their schedules when faced with unexpected delays.

Verifying someone’s time management skills in an interview can be difficult. Ask candidates about how they would manage hypothetical situations. You can also inquire about how they’ve managed similar situations on the job site in the past.

4. Technology Skills

Today’s construction site is a hotbed of technological advancement. The construction industry as a whole has been eagerly adopting new technologies. Drones, for example, make some tasks quite easy. These machines can monitor and relay information more quickly and accurately than a human being can.

As a result of the incorporation of new technologies throughout the industry, construction workers today need a fair amount of technical skill and savvy to be successful on the job site. This requirement affects everyone from your engineering staff to the carpenters and masons you employ on the site.

5. A Great Attitude

Do the candidates for the job seem enthusiastic about the role they’re taking on? If not, you may want to rethink the hire. While the competitive job market has put construction employers like yourself at a disadvantage, you should still hire people who really want to work for you.

If you look for these qualities in your construction hires, you’ll have a better chance of getting great people who will stick with you for the long haul.

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