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Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies

Design Group Staffing Inc. has been named one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies each year since 1999 and has held Platinum Status since 2005.

Since its inception in 1993, the award has come to symbolize Canadian success by recognizing companies that are experiencing rapid growth, stand out in the global marketplace, create value in innovative ways and are always evolving yet staying focused on their core vision.


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ISO 9001 Certification

The core of the ISO 9001 Quality Standards is a series of five international standards that guide the development and implementation of our effective quality management system. These standards are applicable to both manufacturing and service industries.

This internationally recognized certification has been awarded to the company in recognition of our strong internal processes, mature quality systems, effective client feedback systems, secure IT systems and confidentiality guarantee. We attribute this success to our organic growth, strong leadership and extensive expertise in the staffing industry.


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Health & Safety

DGSI successfully achieved our Certificate of Recognition (COR) in 2004 and continue to maintain it to date. Certificates are issued by the Government of Alberta and are co-signed by our certifying partner, the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP). COR is awarded to employers who develop and maintain a Health and Safety Management System that meets and exceeds established industry standards. Many of our clients require COR as a pre-qualification for conducting business with them.


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Staffing Industry Analysts - Largest Staffing Firms in Canada

Since 2009, Design Group Staffing Inc. has been recognized as one of the largest staffing firms in Canada. This award is ranked according to annual revenue by Staffing Industry Analysts and the title is only given to an elite group of companies that achieve annual revenues in excess of $300 million.


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Venture 100

The Venture 100 list, compiled with the assistance and research of PricewaterhouseCoopers, highlights Alberta's 100 largest private, public and crown corporations, as determined by revenue.


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Venture 250

Alberta Venture ranks the 250 largest companies, not-for-profits, and highest paid executives in their Venture 250 feature. This list recognizes Alberta’s largest corporations, reflecting Alberta’s evolving business community. DGSI ranked 108th in 2015.


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