11 Apr

3 Ways to Find the Top Mining Jobs in Canada

Posted by Brad Holtkamp

Some people seem to think mining is a sunset industry in Canada and around the world. The truth is mining isn’t going anywhere. While the industry was hard hit by the economic recession of 2008-09, many mining companies are now emerging nimbler and more ready to compete in today’s markets.

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New technologies are revolutionizing mining and government support is helping the mining industry expand exploration activities. Demand for new products and the discovery of new sites, such as those in Canada’s Far North, all have the mining industry set for growth.

With growth in the industry comes growth in mining jobs. If you’re looking for a mining job in Canada, you’re in luck. There are many opportunities out there. The larger challenge is to find the top mining jobs in Canada. With these three methods, you’ll be able to dig up mining job gold.

1. Partner with a Recruiter

The best method for anyone looking for any job in mining is to team up with a recruiter. Of course, you don’t want to partner with just any recruiter. Look for someone who specializes in the mining industry.

Why do experience and specialization matter? A recruiter who knows the mining industry is going to be able to help you more than a recruiter who’s never looked at the industry twice.

The specialist recruiter knows the current trends in the industry, including which skills are in demand and which roles are likely to grow. They also work closely with many of the employers in the industry, so they’re aware of what each is looking for when they hire. They have a better chance of being able to direct your job search to find the top jobs.

2. Network

If you’re aiming for the top mining jobs in Canada, it goes without saying you should be networking. In fact, you likely should do some networking before you set out on your job search. Networking also doesn’t end once you’ve found a new job. It’s a constant, ongoing activity crucial to your career development and advancement.

With that said, you should probably increase your networking efforts before and during your job search. Join a professional association. Go to a conference or workshop. Expand your LinkedIn network.

How does this help you find mining jobs in Canada? Despite the advent of huge job sites like LinkedIn and Workopolis, word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to find out about new job opportunities. It’s especially important for more senior jobs, as they may not be posted or advertised in the “usual” areas.

3. Find Specialty Sites

If you’re already a member of a professional association, you may be able to access a specialty job site. There may also be others that exist. Take a look at them. As already mentioned, not all jobs in mining are posted to places like Workopolis or LinkedIn.

Some companies elect to post to specialty job sites in order to attract the most qualified candidates. You may need to have your credentials vetted before joining the site, which helps hiring managers find the right candidates and narrows the pool of job seekers.

You’ll also want to check company websites. Some companies don’t post beyond their own websites, and while these job postings are sometimes picked up by web crawlers, they may not be. Is there a particular company you’re interested in working for? Check out their website and see what job opportunities are available.

Using these three methods, you’re much more likely to find the top mining jobs in Canada. If you’re still feeling a little lost, be sure to talk to a recruiter. They can give you even more guidance on conducting your job search and acing interviews.


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