25 Oct

4 Tips to Prepare for Peak Hiring Season

Posted by Andrea Ryan

It’s that time of year again.

Our recruitment experts repeatedly get asked about the best season for getting a job in Canada. While it would be naive to put a finger on any one, or a couple of months, it is true that hiring gets slow in December due to winters and holidays around.

When New Year rolls around, it’s back to business. Many industries kick into high gear from mid-January, in order to have the best of talent at their organization as they unveil new plans in the fiscal year. In fact, investment in hiring is among the highest in the first four months. This fact is reflected in the number of jobs and positions that open up. 


Some of these roles are new, which are meant to help expanding businesses as they grow. Some are temporary in nature. Still others open up as people leave for greener pastures. All in all, it creates a flurry of hiring. 

How can you prepare for peak hiring season? With these tips, of course.


1. Partner with a Recruiter

Whether you’re a hiring manager or a job seeker, hiring season is a busy time of year. Hiring managers seek out any number of people to fill roles within the company, which could mean they spend a large percentage of their days reviewing job descriptions, reading applications, and interviewing candidates. 

Job seekers will have plenty to do, too, be it sprucing up their resumes, completing pre-screening tests, or practising their interview skills. 

For both groups, working with a recruiter is one of the best steps they can take. A recruiter shoulders a lot of the work you might otherwise find yourself doing. They can offer resume-writing tips to job seekers and help them prepare for an interview. For hiring managers, they can help narrow the field of candidates and pick only the best to interview.


2. Spruce up Your Writing

Another hiring season tip that works well for both job seekers and hiring managers is a focus on writing. 

Job seekers will be crafting cover letters and polishing their resumes as they apply for jobs. They need to tailor their applications for each job, which often means finding keywords and phrases. One industry might refer to a skill one way, but another industry calls it something different. 

Hiring managers are also busy writing during peak hiring season. They’re writing job descriptions, however, which are just as important as resumes. Good job descriptions allow hiring managers to narrow their field of candidates properly. A well-written, clear, and concise job description should attract more qualified candidates.


3. Practise Your Interview Skills

During peak hiring season, job seekers and hiring managers alike will sit through plenty of interviews. It’s a good idea for both groups to brush up on their interview skills before they head into peak hiring season.

Job seekers will want to know some of the most common interview questions and how to answer them. They should also know the importance of body language. They should do some research and look for questions specific to their field. If you’re an engineer, you should be ready to answer questions about engineering!

Hiring managers can often use a little refresher course on their interviewing skills. Techniques change. What you’ve been doing may no longer be the most effective interview method. Change up your questions to elicit better answers from candidates. You’ll also need to think about body language.


4. Cast a Wide Net

Job seekers and hiring managers alike should be casting wide nets, especially during peak hiring season. For hiring managers, this makes sense: the wider the reach, the better the candidates you’ll find.

Job seekers should also think about reach. If you’re not finding the job you want, spread your search further. A recruiter can help you find the places employers are posting.

With these tips in hand, you’ll be well-prepared for peak hiring season.


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