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5 Industries that hire maximum Contract workers in Canada

Posted by Jamie Dargie

Contractual jobs can provide benefits to a wide variety of industries - their flexibility, reliable and accessible talent pool, and wealth of experts across industries, make them a popular way to hire workers.

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By hiring contract workers in Canada, companies are able to take more control over what they need from workers, laying out a definite or indefinite amount of time as they may push new boundaries or take on demanding new projects. Contract workers are a reliable and oft-used resource – with contract jobs also proving to be an effective assessment of whether an employer wants to hire a candidate full-time.

Following are some of the top ranking industries in Canada that boast of maximum contract jobs, and often utilize staffing agencies to get the vacancies filled:


1. Architecture & Design

When it comes to architecture—the visualizing, planning, and developing of buildings and their design—recruiting, including contract recruiting, is a beneficial way to get the experts you need, whether it’s for one major assignment or a general business expansion. 

Architecture jobs in Canada have been on a rise — thanks to the recent boom. As senior architects retire, massive new urban projects arise, and entirely new roles emerge (due to evolving technology), there will be many openings to fill, and you can bet that the best way to apply for these jobs in through contract recruiting firms.


2. Construction

With one in 13 Canadian workers employed in construction (that’s more than one million people), there is an enormous reliance on contract recruiting to fulfill the construction industry’s needs. 

In the past couple decades, construction jobs in Canada have surged, and like architecture (an industry inevitably tied to construction), imminent retirements and a stabilizing economy are expected to raise those numbers even higher.

In British Columbia (BC) alone, there is a dearth of construction engineers and workers against the huge number of jobs on offer for various projects that total over $75bn. As per industry forecasts, there would be around 15,000 unfilled construction jobs in BC alone – making the role of staffing agencies all the more important.


3. Mining

There are approximately 375,000 Canadian workers in the mining industry (for reference, that’s close to the entire population of Halifax) and the industry is currently the highest-paying sector in the country

Expect job prospects to remain solid. Given the sector’s project-to-project basis, and the sheer number of different roles over the course of a single mining project, contract recruiting services are an especially important part of many mining companies’ hiring processes.


4. Manufacturing

Manufacturing – the cornerstone of Canada’s economy – accounts for over 10% of national GDP, pegging it at $174bn – has long been a generator of jobs across the country. Currently responsible for 1.7mn full-time jobs, manufacturing industry stills finds itself wanting when it comes to completing big projects in labour crunch. Staffing agencies – with a lifetime of experience to back them in manufacturing sector – are the sure shot way to look out for quality contractual workers. 

Job prospects in manufacturing are solid, and as new technology—such as 3D printing—takes hold and becomes more affordable, there’s no telling where the industry could go. Like other industries mentioned, senior-worker retirements will factor into openings, providing more room for newcomers and contract workers. As well, many workers in manufacturing move up and/or sideways in the industry—such as to teaching positions.


5. Oil & Gas

Oil and gas was, at recent tally, the third most important industry to Canada’s overall GDP. In recent years, Canada has exported more oil than even the U.S.

With oil prices again on the rise, experts forecast the industry to see a surge and with a fairly substantial portion of its workforce approaching retirement age, oil and gas jobs in Canada are once again going to be a major source of employment. Having and expert staffing agency plays to the benefit of both the employers as well as job seekers to getting the perfect match over a contract position.

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