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5 Techniques To Get Employment Agencies Find You The Best Candidate

Posted by Andrea Ryan

From scouting for talent to finding the best candidate, staffing agencies can be really helpful if you are looking to add new employees on your team. Companies are increasingly relying on the expertise of staffing agencies to hire the best talent, and this shows in the $80mn increase in staffing industry’s market size from 2016 to 2017. With the economy stabilizing and unemployment rate at record low, staffing industry in Canada is set to grow at nearly 4% to over $9.1bn in 2018.

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All this points to the fact that industries are increasingly looking towards credible employment agencies to fill their workforce.

We bring to you 5 insights that can help you leverage the best while working with a staffing agency.


1. A Thorough Background Check

Once you have made up your mind to outsource your staffing needs to an employment agency, the first step is to check whether that agency has had considerable experience in placing candidates in your industry and geography.

A construction company has different types of engineering jobs listed to be filled, but a particular recruiter may be experienced in providing candidates for administrative jobs only. Similarly, you could be looking for a number of candidates for various types of mining jobs but the recruiter is known only to deliver candidates for pipeline management in that area.

At these points, a background check comes in handy. Get in touch with their account manager. Ask for reports on some previous they have handled. Check for authentic and relevant testimonials. Having a lasting relationship with a staffing agency will considerably shorten your hiring cycle while supplying best candidates every single time.


2. List out the types of jobs you want to fill

At the very onset of working with an employment agency, chalk out the requirements clearly. Is it the high attrition rate in oil and gas that is bothering you? Are you looking to build a new team at a newly acquired site? Would you be needing various types of engineers and construction workers in one go?

Be very clear in listing the type of vacancies and number of candidates you want on you’re your organization’s payroll. Having a clear mandate will make the job of both your company as well as the employment agency a lot easier.


3. List out interview questions you want candidates to answer

Every company has a unique method to go about their hiring process. Hiring a staffing agency should in no way mean letting go of your established process. Get the recruiter to understand your process, lay out the different types of interview questions you want candidates to answer and the references/portfolios you expect them to come up with.

The staffing agency will go through the pain of filtering the best portfolios, or assessing the best answers and getting reference checks – all to ensure you get the best hires.


4. Set a minimum standard and be clear about what you want

Many businesses looking to hire may eventually (maybe even quickly) settle on a candidate. Even if a candidate doesn’t exactly fit the role, the employer may have not had enough applicants, or others weren’t taking the position seriously.

Let them know what are the soft skills you really consider important. What is the culture of your company and how important it is for a new candidate to fit well in it? Staffing agencies in Canada don’t shy away from going a step further and getting employees that value and uphold a company’s culture and philosophy.

With a recruiting firm, you’re no longer seeking the closest-to-adequate applicant from those who managed to find your internet ad. Instead, you’re picking from a pool of several thoroughly adequate applicants for the absolute best, most appropriate prospective employee to take over your open position. The process no longer is one of setting important proficiencies as far-off ideals, and instead one of having a stern, minimum threshold—a baseline from which you can start looking at other desirable qualities like interpersonal skills, leadership skills, etc.

5. Don’t just outsource. Collaborate.

Recruiting Firms Work for You. Make no mistake: A recruiting firm exists to benefit other businesses. A recruiting firm’s entire operation is designed around bridging people in the way that is most beneficial to both parties. You tell them what you need, and they tell you what they can provide; they may also give advice, and you can bet if they’re offering it, it comes from a place of expertise. 

A good recruiting firm is more than just another medium to look for candidates; there are plenty of websites if all you’re looking to do is reach another group of potential professionals. A good firm is a collaborator, a right hand associate there to deal with the complicated and nuanced work of finding exactly the person you need for a major position–hopefully not just once, but for every new employment endeavor. 

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