28 May

ENGINEERING: Why it ranks among Canada's Best Paid Jobs

Posted by Jamie Dargie

A high paying job is not only important but also a testimony to your skills and experience. Often, jobs that pay the most are dependent on the economic state of the industry they cater to. Thankfully, engineering jobs in Canada are something that never go out of contention. A growing, robust economy like Canada needs skilled engineers and is willing to have them as the highest paid employees too. Let’s have a look at the engineering sector in Canada and what makes it a lucrative career option:

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Case Study: Alberta

Be it generating different types of jobs in construction or manufacturing, every hiring season in Canada witnesses Alberta as the leader in welcoming engineers possessing various skill set. Thanks to oil and gas industry expansion in the province over the few decades, Alberta has long been a hub of job opportunities offering good wages to engineers from various backgrounds. Seasonal demands has often seen a shortage of engineers in Alberta – the stop-gap solution being engineers flown in from other provinces.

Worker shortages drive up wages, both in the oil patch and outside of it; and as towns spring up around oil operations, engineers are needed to staff everything from oil and gas projects and workspaces to the local marketplace.

Even after the slowdown, wages in Alberta have remained among the highest in Canada. What’s driving high wages in the province? While oil and gas has long been a driver, other industries—such as construction and alternative energy — are also flourishing. And much like oil and gas, both of these industries rely on people in specialized occupations—many of them engineers from the EPC background.


Engineering Skills: Your Way to Better Pay

According to Engineers Canada Engineering Labour Report with projections upto 2025, demand for engineers in Canada is bound to grow with oil prices stabilising and the economy returning to a stable position. In such a positive outlook, engineering jobs in Canada are going to be on an upswing for most part of the following decade.

Given the importance of what engineers do in any number of industries, it only makes sense they’d be well-compensated. In construction, for example, engineers are often responsible for the safety of buildings and infrastructure, such as bridges. In many industries, engineers assist with basic everyday operations; without engineering, many oil and gas and mining operations simply wouldn’t be possible.

Add to it the added skill of automation engineering. According to a McKinsey Report, 478 billion of the 749 billion working hours (64 percent) spent on manufacturing-related activities globally were automatable with currently demonstrated technology. Adding a skill to manage automation in your sector not only improves your chances of getting a job in Canada – which has been quick in embracing this innovation – it also provides you a shot at a much better compensation.


How Much Does it Pay?

The answer to this question is - it depends on the sector you are employed in and your skill set too. There are different engineering jobs, scattered across disciplines, and each comes with pay package corresponding to the skill set of the engineer and the responsibility he is handling.

There are many engineering jobs paying in excess of $100,000 per year. Petrochemical engineers, in demand in Ontario, Alberta, and BC, can earn around $103,000. Some starting positions pay less, beginning around $50,000 – but they open the doors to amazing opportunities. Engineering and project managers in Canada are among the highest-paid managerial occupations, earning around $58 per hour.


A Growing Industry

Another reason for engineers being well-compensated in Canada? There’s a growing demand for them across any number of industries and fields. From coast to coast, the number of engineering positions is growing.

Construction in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver is fuelling a need for civil engineers and others; PEI is also experiencing a housing boom, leading to a rise in jobs for engineers. Oil and gas is now competing with the alternative energy industry to attract top engineering talent.

If you’re hoping to find a high-paying job with good prospects and outlook, engineering is one occupational field you should be considering. If you’re already an engineer, there’s no better time to start looking for your next job than now.



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