23 May

Filling Temporary Positions: Getting the best out of a Recruiting Agency

Posted by George Hoadley

Projects are the new currency of an organization. Big corporations take pride in taking on mega projects and manage their workforce and resources basis the projects at hand. Temporary recruiting — working arrangements in which companies take on extra employees for a limited amount of time —has evolved to a full-steam method of populating diverse workforce of every skill level. And it’s becoming more popular in Canada. From hiring temporary construction workers to off-site project managers, there are numerous ways employers can benefit from temporary recruiting services.


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Adjust to Workloads Quickly

Workloads are dependent on number of factors: deadline approaching, a new project, shortage of skilled candidates. Even when businesses experience growth, they are faced with tough situations to manage resources - A client could come up with an ad-hoc project that requires more workforce from your end.

In such a scenario, a recruiting agency is the best way to go about filling different types of temporary and permanent job positions basis your project’s requirements.

Recruitment agencies have a credibility of delivering best results in staff crunch situations. They understand the business well and are elaborate with their plan to provide resources and the subsequent cost too. Many workplaces now advertise job vacancies to have a mix of temporary and permanent workers. Not only does it keep the company’s balance sheet healthy, it alleviates stress and — just as importantly — makes your company’s output better.

Don’t limit what you think you might be able to hire temporary recruits for, either: Though temporary jobs were once chiefly for lower paying – mainly centred around construction workers and mining industry - temporary recruiting now covers a wide swath of different types of jobs available in almost every industry.


Hire 'In Action'

Having a recruit on a temporary job allows you to test his skills and decide whether to hire him for a full time job. In Canada, a lot of employment agencies and staffing solution providers have a database of candidates wanting to work summer time jobs. Engaging them in your recruitment process not only ensures a considerable pool to select from, it shortens the hiring cycle too. And if you find a candidate who possesses the required skills and grit to make it to a full time position, bringing him into your company fold is also a step away.


Project-Based Hiring

Some companies have cyclical business needs – a particular season witnesses a spike in business for them while the rest of the year flat-lines. Having individual temporary workers to call on intermittently, as projects call for extra hands always helps. Recruiting agencies always have a streamline of such candidates and a single phone call provides you the solution. If the partnership isn’t working out, you can wait out the contract and choose not to work with the temporary recruit again; and if it’s really not working out, no sweat! The recruitment firm will take care of the details.


Cost Efficient Recruiting

Temporary recruiting is a much cheaper way to hire people in the short term. Of course, at some point, you should start questioning if you need permanent workers to cover certain roles. However, you should consider what a recruitment firm will cover – time and cost-wise – and seriously contemplate if a temporary worker (or several) is the most financially sensible route to take. The temporary staffing agency will take care of the pre-hiring woes involved with finding, screening, interviewing, and accepting candidates. You also won’t need to worry about investing in extra costs, such as employee benefits, unless/until you decide to take them aboard!


They’re a Great Connection to Have

The “HR” component of a recruitment agency is top-notch, well-versed, and ready to help, so you know you’ll be getting aptly screened workers, all the while skipping that troublesome phase in which you scour online for the right fit. By forming a partnership with a recruitment agency now, you’re setting your business up for future success: you know you’ll have a firm at the ready for any variety of future demands, regardless of the specific job at hand (since good agencies will cover multiple fields). 


George Hoadley

George brings 11 years of experience in management to his role as the Branch Manager of Design Group Staffing in Vancouver. With a LinkedIn Recruiter Certification, his areas of expertise are construction management, engineering, project management, estimating, and operations. He has experience in both contact placement and direct recruitment for top Canadian and international firms. George’s unique and diverse background allows him to assist and provide superior service to companies and prospects alike. Monday to Friday, George is a boardroom warrior who leaves no stone unturned in hunting down the top talent in the Western Canadian construction and engineering markets. On the weekend, though, he trades his oxfords in for trail shoes and travels throughout Canada and the U.S. competing in the Spartan Race OCR series.

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