28 Feb

How to Expand Your Online Presence So Canadian Recruiters Find You

Posted by George Hoadley

Everyone is online these days. In fact, it’s estimated 87 percent of the Canadian population has access to the internet.

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Job seekers know hiring managers and employers are also online. As newspaper circulation dwindles, the classifieds section has moved online. Monster, Workopolis, and other sites have taken over the work of connecting job seekers and employers.

Social media has also helped. LinkedIn is the most popular networking site for professionals, but Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms can be used for connecting with prospective employers.

What about Recruiters?

You’re probably thinking about your online presence in terms of how hiring managers and employers can find you. You may apply for a job using LinkedIn or you may include your Twitter handle on your job application.

One thing you’re not thinking about is how easily Canadian recruiters can find you online.

Thinking about the Passive Job Search

Every day, Canadian recruiters are hard at work with a multitude of employers and they’re looking for people like you. You may not know about the recruiter, the employer, or the job until you’re contacted by a recruiter.

Recruiters go looking for candidates, who are often termed “passive” candidates. These people are already employed but may be open to new opportunities. They don’t apply to the job after seeing a job post. Instead, the recruiter discovers them and contacts them to tell them about an opportunity.

Does This Really Happen?

If you’ve never been contacted by a recruiter, you might wonder if this ever happens. You’ve been told over and over again you need to “pound the pavement” if you’re looking for a job. You can’t expect employers to come looking for you.

They may, however, if they’re working with a recruiter. Canadian recruiters may contact you, provided they can find you online first.

Your Online Presence

The biggest reason recruiters don’t contact most workers is because they can’t find them. When everyone is online, it makes for a somewhat crowded marketplace. It can be difficult to find the right people. If your online presence isn’t optimized for recruiters, you could be blending into the background.

If you want to be discovered by Canadian recruiters, you need to optimize your online presence. Think about which social media networks you’re active on and your settings. Can anyone view your profile on LinkedIn? Is your Facebook completely private? While there’s something to be said for privacy settings, it could mean you’re undiscoverable.

Optimizing Social Media Accounts

The first step in making your online presence more visible to recruiters is optimizing your social media accounts. Spruce up your LinkedIn account. Update your profile picture. Be sure your profile and resume contain keywords about skills recruiters are looking for.

Also think about how you’ll be discovered. Twitter now allows users to include hashtags in their bios, which are searchable. Employ hashtags carefully and Canadian recruiters will be able to find you more easily.

Join Professional Associations

Some professions have associations, which you can join for a fee. Many of them will have job boards or listings of members. You can join an association and opt to have your contact information made available.

This also helps you look more professional and qualified. Becoming a member of a professional association makes it easier to find you.

Join Specialized Recruitment Sites

If you really want to be discovered, you can join specialized job search sites for your profession. These boards are frequented by professionals, employers, and Canadian recruiters alike. An account here makes you instantly more visible to anyone looking.

With these easy steps, you can make yourself far more discoverable. You might hear from a recruiter sooner than you think.


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