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Interview Preparation: 6 Company Details That Will Impress Any Interviewer

Posted by Brad Holtkamp

You’re getting ready for your next interview. During the course of your interview preparation, you’ll do some research about the company you’re interviewing with. You want to leave a good impression on your interviewer after all, and you know how frustrated they get when candidates ask questions like, “What does this company do?” 

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Heading into an interview with basic knowledge of the company you’re interviewing with is something of a prerequisite. Which details will really impress your interviewer? You can try these six details in your next interview.


1. Company History

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of the company throughout the entire course of its history, but knowing when it was founded and who founded it will put you on good footing. 

History is often tied to the company’s current product or service offerings. It may even inform its vision or the company culture.


2. Company Goals

Many company websites have mission statements or corporate values easily accessible to anyone who wants to take the time to read them. These statements provide clues to the company’s future and culture. 

When you know where company management wants to be in five years, you can more easily address how you could play a role in making that vision come true. You’ll get bonus points with your interviewer for making note of this information during your interview preparation.


3. Recent Mergers, Sales, and Acquisitions

If the company has recently sold off a portion of the business, acquired another, or is undergoing a merger, this is excellent information to arm yourself with. The company may be realigning its goals and restructuring for the future. You can speak to where you fit in this remodelled company.

This also shows you paid attention to goings-on within the company during your interview preparation. As a job seeker, you want to know if any company you’re interviewing with is undergoing this sort of restructuring since it could affect you and your job. Knowing about it beforehand allows you to think of ways to discuss your skills and strengths in this context.


4. Recent Philanthropic Efforts

While you’re doing your interview preparation, take a look and see if the company’s recently been involved in philanthropy. If the company’s employees participated in a food drive for a local food bank or raised donations for the United Way, make note of it.

A company’s philanthropic efforts speak to the corporate culture. In turn, you can discuss these efforts and speak to how they’ve affected your community. You can even discuss how the company’s values align with your own, as demonstrated by their efforts in this area.


5. What the Company Will Do

This should go without saying, but you should know what the company does before you go into the interview. Another thing you should know is what the company will do in the future. Many companies are in a state of transition. Management is forward-looking. What the business is today may not be the business of tomorrow.

Take a look at its areas of research and development or new ventures. You can use these examples to demonstrate both your knowledge of the company and highlight how your skills could be of service as the business looks forward and adapts to a changing market. You can also suggest you’re excited to work with a company where pushing boundaries and innovation are not just accepted but encouraged.


6. A Little about Your Interviewer

You should also look up your interviewers during your interview preparation. You don’t need to dig through Instagram, but knowing their job titles, how long they’ve been with the company, and what they do will score you some bonus points.

Keep these tips in mind during your interview preparation and you won’t go wrong.


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