16 Apr

Job Seekers: Get Ready for Hiring Season

Posted by Andrea Ryan

Hiring peaks come and go, the same as the seasons in Canada. If you follow trends throughout the year, you’ll be able to see the ebb and flow. Summer tends to be slower for hiring and winter is another quiet time. 

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Spring and fall, by contrast, are high-activity times for hiring managers and job seekers alike. If you’re planning to find a new job this year, your smartest move will be to start looking in the spring or the fall. 

As the snow melts and spring blossoms here in Canada, it’s time for job seekers to get ready for hiring season. What do you need to do?


Do Some Research

Job seekers should take a moment to think about what they want to do. Many people start job searching without truly knowing what they’re looking for. Do you want to stay in the same career path or are you hoping to switch industries? Are you looking to do something new or do you just want to move up the chain? 

Do some research about what kinds of jobs are available to someone with your skill set. Peak hiring season presents so many different job opportunities, you’ll need a good idea of what you want so you can narrow the field. 

Think about the job title you want and the industry you want to work in. You can pick a few roles to target, and you can also apply in different industries.


Learn Where to Look

The next step is to determine where you’ll be looking for these job postings during hiring season. If there’s a company you want to work for, you’ll likely take a tour of its website. The big job search sites may become frequent stops during hiring season. 

Job seekers should also think outside the box. Are there smaller, more specialized job search sites and forums? Who’s in your network? Do they know about career opportunities? Finally, consider professional associations and their websites. Some maintain job boards, which could be useful to you.


Dust off Your Resume

You probably anticipated this one. Many job seekers like to skip ahead as they get ready for hiring season. They jump over the research and forget to put together a short list of places to look for jobs. They start instead by sprucing up or overhauling their resumes.

It is a necessary task. Whether you updated your resume six months ago or six years ago, it’s best to go over it again to make sure it’s up to date. Take a look at some of the latest trends. What do hiring managers want to see on your resume? Does your application satisfy those expectations?

Ensure you’re customizing your resume for each and every job you apply to. Proofread it carefully before you send it out.


Contact Your References (and Get New Ones)

How long ago did you ask your references if they’d supply a reference for you? Do they know you’re back on the search for a job?

If it’s been a while, job seekers should contact their references. A friendly note to say you’re looking for a job and they may be contacted will be most appreciated. This eliminates any surprise if a recruiter or potential hiring manager does call them. It also allows you to double-check their contact information. People change companies, phone numbers, and email addresses all the time. Make sure you have the most accurate information.

If you don’t have references yet, now’s a great time to ask.

Job seekers who follow these tips will be well-prepared for this coming hiring season. It’s a busy time, so take care of some of these tasks before you start sending out applications. You’ll be well ahead of the game.


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