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[Video] Job Seekers: What to Expect When Applying to a Recruiting Firm

Posted by George Hoadley

Most job seekers know the truth: A job search can be labour intensive and tough. It can be difficult to get an interview, let alone a job. 


That is one reason so many job seekers are now turning to recruiting firms. Of course, there are many reasons you might consider partnering with a recruiting firm in your job search. Unfortunately, quite a few job seekers still resist working with recruiters because of persistent misconceptions. These are myths and nothing more, however. You should consider working with a recruiter as you hunt for your next job. 

Here is what you can expect when you apply to work with a recruiting firm.


You Do Not Need to Pay

As a job seeker, you will not have to pay to work with the recruiting agency. The recruiters want to work with the very best candidates in order to fulfill their clients’ needs. If they made job seekers cover the fees, you can bet they would not get the best of the best for every position—some of those talented individuals would choose to strike out on their own rather than pay fees. 

The fees for services rendered are, instead, covered by those doing the hiring. Once a role has been filled with a qualified candidate, the firm pays the recruitment agency. You, as the job seeker, receive free service from the recruitment firm.


There Will Be an Interview

Applying to work with a recruitment firm is much like applying for a job: You will need to fill out and submit an application, and you will likely be interviewed before the recruiter decides whether or not to work with you. That means there are a few things job seekers should consider when they apply. 

First, you need to consider the firm you are applying to. What companies do its recruiters work with and in what industries are they active? A technical recruitment agency may be a better option for those looking for engineering work, while another firm might be a better fit for those looking for employment in other areas. 

That also means you need to think about the kinds of positions you’re looking for. While you need to be somewhat flexible, you also need to be clear about the kind of job you’re looking for so the recruiter can place you in the best roles.


You May Not Get a Job

Recruiters want to place the best candidates in the right roles; in fact, that is their job. When the right candidate is placed in the right role, it means good things for everyone involved: the job seeker, the hiring firm, and the recruiting firm. Firms get better employees and candidates, job seekers find jobs they are happy to fill, and the recruiting firm has satisfied both the hirer and the job seeker’s needs.

But that also means that a recruiting firm may not be able to find you a job. In fact, they are not obligated to find you a job. If the right role does not happen to come up, the recruiting firm has not failed you. Some people believe that the job of a recruiter is to simply place candidates into available roles willy-nilly, but that does not end well for anyone—including you, the job seeker.


They Do Offer Resources

While you might think that finding you work is the only job a recruiter has, the truth is partnering with a recruitment firm can offer you so much more than just a job opportunity.

Recruiters know what employers are looking for, and they can help you build and polish your resume, guide you on aspects of your job search, and even help you get training for the skills you need to meet the challenges of the job market.

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