11 Jul

The Toronto Job Boom: GTA is at the Center of Canada's Employment Spurt

Posted by Jamie Dargie

The market for jobs in Canada is robust and this is not idle chat. “Statistics Canada” noted that our country added 78,600 jobs in December only and 2017 saw 422,000 jobs created, the strongest percentage growth in 14 years. People looking for employment in Canada have some fairly nice opportunities depending on where they live. Right now, there is a career volcano about to erupt with a large flow of job opportunities. Its name is Toronto.

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It is no surprise ‘The City That Works’ would be brimming with occupations and employment possibilities. Toronto is the largest Canadian city with a diverse population. This is a metropolis with a reputation for finance, engineering, communications, and information technology. There are some developments which are causing employment in Toronto to sparkle more than before and suggest that there is a serious job boom taking place in the city on the Lake Ontario shoreline.


Toronto: Becoming A Geek Town?

People and employers want to live in a city that is interesting. Toronto has some bright spots but the eastern waterfront is about to become a neighborhood built from the Internet up. Google, through its sister company Sidewalk Labs, has joined a coalition that will produce a $50 million design for an urban area , Quayside, that will be sensor enabled and on the razor’s edge of smart city technology. That is enough to get high tech companies and social media firms interested in Toronto, but there is more.

Toronto’s financial industry is deeply concerned about hacking. There is a growing demand for cybersecurity professionals and it is expected to continue as digitization become an even bigger part of the business world. This is a sizable job opportunity for college graduates.


Toronto: Where the jobs are?

The metropolitan area has a rich and diverse job market with opportunities in various industries besides information technology. Aerospace has openings for electrical and electronic engineers and engineering project manager positions are among the types of engineering jobs that are the best paid. Quality management is a non-technical area where a person can develop a career in the Toronto Metropolitan area. Accounts managers and financial planning have openings in the industry for a person who has an academic background and some experience.

Canadians don’t all wear plaid. The fashion and apparel industry has job openings in Toronto where the fashion conscious can make some money. It is not all just with scissors, either. Fashion engineering is fast catching up as a job option as companies look to reduce man, machine and material wastage in the sector. There are other creative designers who can take advantage of the arts community in Toronto and make a decent living.


Engineering Jobs in Toronto

There is a reason why engineering is among the best-paid jobs in Canada – and Toronto, with all its expansion plans and modern infrastructure, has never been more welcoming towards engineers than now.

Consider Construction sector: Toronto kick-started its 2018 construction season with an announcement of projects worth over $720mn. Experts are pegging construction industry to peak around the end of 2019, making it the right time to get in the construction industry.

Similarly, manufacturing has historically been the generator of different types of engineering jobs in Toronto – and 2018 is no different. A sizeable workforce coupled with an easy access to shipping routes make Toronto the frontrunner in manufacturing sector.


Other Sectors

High Tech is big news but are there other job opportunities? People employed in the building trades may worry that they are being passed up in the career world. There is no need to worry about that in Toronto. The construction industry is going to be expanding and there will be a need for professionals. Bricklayers are among the types of construction jobs that Toronto needs as it grows in the near future. Tourism is a standard in Toronto, and people find opportunities there, as well.

Of course, outside factors can cause rather dramatic changes. We cannot be a hundred percent sure on the impact of tariff disagreements between Canada and United States on job expansion in Eastern Canada. It is always possible and, hopefully, disputes will be settled before there are problems. Keep in mind, though, the modern economy is creating positions that are effectively becoming recession proof. In addition, more people are hedging their bets with gig jobs on the side. These part-time interests can easily turn into a small business for the right person.

Toronto, in the meantime, is going to be experiencing job creation and opportunities that were not seen before. The metropolitan area has a wide variety of career choices, and what a person need is the education and talent to fill the position they want. Toronto has become a place of opportunity and any job hunter should take a careful look at what is going on along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

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