22 May

Looking for Engineering Jobs? Get Expert Interview Tips

Posted by Brad Holtkamp

You can find engineering jobs in almost any industry, in every sector of the Canadian economy. Whether you’re looking at oil & gas operations in the West or you’re thinking about mining operations in Ontario or the Far North, you can bet engineers are involved in many different ways.

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While there are many different engineering jobs available, it can be difficult to land one. You’ve spruced up your resume and started submitting applications. Now you’ve scheduled an interview or two.

If this describes your situation or if you’re just beginning to think about applying, use these expert interview tips to impress your next interviewer.

Emphasize Your Soft Skills

One way to immediately stand out from the crowd when you’re looking for engineering jobs is to emphasize your soft skills. Most job candidates and many hiring managers emphasize the hard skills associated with a particular position. While these skills are most certainly important, the focus tends to downplay soft skills.

Many hiring managers now recognize that soft skills are often just as important. Good communication and teamwork skills make almost anyone more proficient at any number of engineering jobs.

In your next interview, be sure to draw attention to your soft skills. Look for opportunities to demonstrate your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Relate situations that show teamwork and leadership. Your communication skills are on full display in the interview.

Talk with Your Hands

You should pay attention to what you’re doing with your hands and the rest of your body during interviews for engineering jobs. You can communicate information with the way you’re sitting. Putting your hands in your pockets and slouching doesn’t send the right message to prospective employers.

Instead, sit up straight and keep your feet firmly planted on the floor. Keep your hands visible as well. You may even want to use some gestures, using your hands to emphasize key points. Be careful not to do too much talking with your hands, however, and be sure to stay professional.

Do Your Research Beforehand

One mistake many job candidates make is failing to research the company before they go to the interview. You need to do some research before entering an interview for any engineering job.

Asking a hiring manager, “So, what does this company do?” is sure to leave a lasting impression. It’s not the kind of impression you want to make, however, and it likely won’t get you the job. By doing a little bit of research beforehand, you can ask more insightful questions. It also helps convey your excitement and enthusiasm for the job opportunity.

Ask Questions

When you’re going into interviews for engineering jobs, you may make a common mistake: You may not ask any questions.

While you want to avoid questions about salary, asking questions is a good way to demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for the job. Ask your interviewer some insightful questions about what the job entails and they’ll be more likely to remember you during the next round of interviews or when callbacks happen.

Be Prepared to Write a Test

While many companies use pre-screening methods to determine if a candidate is a good fit before they call them in for a job interview, you should still be prepared to take a test or two during the interview process. This may happen before the interview or after. If there’s a two-step process, it may happen between interviews.

Today’s employers need you to demonstrate your skills before they hire you, so always be prepared to show off your skills.

With these tips, you’ll be better prepared when you attend interviews for engineering jobs.


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