17 Dec

How to Plan Your Job Search In Winters? [Explained]

Posted by Jamie Dargie

Winters in Canada are not usually considered a great time to kick off your job search. Weather is intense, daylight is bare minimum, and holidays take up much of the office time - leaving very little scope for job search. While it can lead you to think December is only time for office holidays and vacations, you can utilize this time to prepare your resume and making a list of jobs and industries you want to get in.

A guide on how the market is definitely helps. You can access one here.


Below are a few tips to make the most of this time. Different types of engineering jobs go into a dormant stage in terms of hiring during December, only to be reinvigorated by the New Year. Make sure you are ready to jump on that chance.


1. Prepare a Resume That Converts

Just having a resume won't cut it. Prepare one that captures the attention of the recruiter and gets you a call for interview.

Recruiters, on average, spend only about 6 seconds on a resume. Add to it the initial scrutiny by Applicant Tracking System which deploys algorithms to test whether a resume is a match for the job description or not. Weigh in the keywords from the job description and optimize your resume accordingly.

For a step-by-step method to prepare a resume, check this link.


2. Prepare a List of Jobs To Apply

We did a survey, and found that Monday is considered the best time to apply for a job position. Well, although there is no science to this, it makes sense to get your resume across to employers when they are fresh for the week and focusing on the hiring process.

Get your job interest in order, prepare a list. Have the keywords in your resume and apply to each job per its description. Make a note of the application time, and follow-up after 10-12 days if you did not receive a any communication regarding it.


3. Prepare for Your Phone Interview

Only about 2% candidates get called for an interview! Yes, it is that coveted a number. Make sure that when you receive a call, you are prepared to present the best of yourself.

  • Practice Beforehand
  • Listen Intently
  • Keep your documents handy
  • Research about the company


4. It Still Takes Time

Don’t get trapped into thinking you’ll land your next job tomorrow if you begin your job search today. Even with a hot job market, finding a job still takes time.

In fact, some job seekers are surprised how long it takes to find their next role on average. Students and new graduates take a long time in particular. Seasoned professionals face less of an uphill battle. Don’t be discouraged if the process takes longer than you imagined it might.


5. Work on the Soft Skills

Utilize this time on developing your soft skills. Communication skills, combined with time management and leadership qualities really set you apart. Invest time in making your conversation highlight these skills and get it across to the recruiter.

Not sure about what soft skills recruiters rave upon? Find these soft skills here along with a technique on how to use it during your interview.

6. A Recruiter Can Help

Get in touch with an expert recruiter, such as Design Group Staffing if you are looking for any engineering and technical job. Recruitment experts have a know-how of the job market, and often have vacancies suited to your interest and experience. These inputs help you be better prepared and in touch with vacancies you may have otherwise missed.

2018 has been a great year - with record low unemployment rates in Canada. The job market is expected to be equally buoyant in 2019 as well. Be prepared to make 2019 the year of your career growth.


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