25 Apr

Starting Your Job Search? 5 Things You Need to Know

Posted by Dominique Perras

Spring is a great time to kick off your job search. While any time of the year can be a good time to get started, spring marks one of the busiest points in the annual hiring cycle. There are going to be more job opportunities available.


Before you kick off your search, there are a few things you should know. This is especially true if it’s been some time since you last went looking for a job. Keep these tips in mind as you begin the hunt.

1. The Job Market Is Hot

Canada’s unemployment rate sank to record low in 2018. The job market is expected to be hot in 2019 as well.

Many employers are adding full-time, permanent positions. Job growth is fueling the low unemployment rate. Many industries, including manufacturing and construction, are facing worker shortages. If you have the skills, you could land your next job in short order.

2. It Still Takes Time

Don’t get trapped into thinking you’ll land your next job tomorrow if you begin your job search today. Even with a hot job market, finding a job still takes time.

In fact, some job seekers are surprised how long it takes to find their next role on average. Students and new graduates take a long time in particular. Seasoned professionals face less of an uphill battle. Don’t be discouraged if the process takes longer than you imagined it might.

3. You Must Beat the System

When was your last job search? If it was years ago, you may be surprised by some of the changes that have happened in the world of recruiting and hiring since then. One of the most major innovations has been the advent of applicant tracking systems (ATSs).

These systems allow recruiters and hiring managers to swiftly scan applications and select candidates for interview. Pre-screening activities have increased in intensity and hiring professionals must move quickly.

Your resume isn’t being read by a human being; at least, not at first. It will be fed through the ATS first. If you’re not adding the right keywords when you spring clean your resume, you won’t make it through this initial round of screening. Look up relevant keywords and incorporate them into your resume before you send it out.

4. Soft Skills Are Important

One of the things hiring managers and recruiters are on the lookout for these days is soft skills. Candidates who emphasize their soft skills are more likely to catch the eye of hiring professionals in their field.

What are soft skills? These are often skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. They can be difficult to teach and difficult to master. They’re important in almost every job, so mastering them will take you quite far.

5. A Recruiter Can Help

Why should you conduct your job search alone? A recruiter can help. Some job seekers avoid recruiters because they think they’ll need to pay fees. Others believe recruiters only help hire for temporary or contract work.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Recruiters can speed up your job search by providing you with access and advice. You’ll find more jobs, some of them that aren’t even posted on the big job search sites. Recruiters can also give insight into what hiring managers are looking for and they’ll help you stay on top of trends.

If you want to land your dream job faster, team up with a recruiter. That’s the best job search advice anyone can offer.


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