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Explained: Summer Hiring Trends in Canada

Posted by Andrea Ryan

Summers are here and with summers open up different types of jobs in Canada. From companies looking for various types of construction workers in order to get the maximum out of long days, to mining engineers being interviewed for various jobs before the big winter sets in – summer is a great season to find a job in Canada.

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Every industry has its own hiring season patterns. One industry’s hiring season may not be the same as another’s. Yet, throughout different sectors and across the country, you can observe some fairly predictable patterns—the seasonal hiring trends.


Why Seasonal Trends Matter

It should be obvious why paying attention to seasonal hiring trends makes sense for job seekers. Depending on the type of role you’re looking for, you increase your odds of finding a job if you’re attuned to when companies are likely to be hiring. (You might also reduce your frustration on the job hunt!)

For hiring managers and companies, it’s just as important to be aware of seasonal hiring trends. If you know when you’re likely to get busy, you can hire pre-emptively. You’re also more aware of what roles you need filled and when, along with knowing when your competition is going to be trying to hire the same people. Staying ahead of the curve can help you get the best candidates before anyone else snaps them up. 


Summer – An upswing in job opportunities

Many industries in Canada are affected by the weather, particularly winter. In construction, for example, work may slow down from December to April. New projects, in particular, may have to wait until balmier spring weather arrives since the ground has frozen up. It’s impossible to break ground and lay a foundation until the thaw comes on. This means the construction sector is looking to complete most of its projects in summers – hence the increased need to fill vacancies in all types of construction jobs.

Industries like mining also face a similar slowdown in the winter. While existing mines operate year-round, new mines and exploration activities may have to wait.

The result? Swings in hiring patterns that change with the seasons. These companies fill more positions in the spring and summer months, then slow down in the fall and winter. A cursory look across the number of different types of mining jobs advertised right now is enough to assess the increased job opportunities in this sector.


Better working conditions

Summer jobs in Canada are also a rage due to the temperatures field workers get to work in. With sunlight stretching well close to midnight, workers, especially in the oil and gas or mining industry, get a fair share of evening by themselves – even after their shifts.

Employers also rake in these working conditions and play on getting maximum hires. Oil rigs up in the Prairies start bustling with activity as workers on rotational shifts also find it pleasant to commute, thanks to long days.

Also, since a lot of full-time employees have vacations planned across summer, employers are always on the lookout for contractual workers – and are even willing to pay more to see the projects through the summers. If negotiated well, this can translate into some serious earnings on top of experience future employers will take notice of.

Summer is a great time to be out in Canada. It, therefore, is the right time to be involved in some field work, either to hone your skills or advance your career. Helped by an expert recruit, you can land yourself an amazing job this summer while consolidating your resume.



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