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Think You’re Cut Out For Contract Work? Take The Quiz and Find Out

Posted by Brad Holtkamp

Summer is around and with a booming job sector, recruitment agencies are scampering to find ideal candidates for contractual jobs in Canada. At a time when job seekers are in the spotlight, we’ve compiled a handy list to ensure you make the most when you visit any recruitment agency for a shot at these job opportunities.


1. Are you aiming for an industry experiencing a boom in contract jobs in Canada?

Summer is a busy time for a particular sector of industries. Recruitment agencies possess the know-how of almost the entire sector and geography. including everything from specialized trades that require post-secondary education to some kinds of entry-level retail jobs. But there are certainly some industries where it makes more sense than others to start your ladder to success through a staffing agency to find contract work.

Among the most project-based industries in Canada are government jobs, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, and mining. Think jobs that require some expertise and applicable skills, but also work in short-term bursts (seasonally or on a project-to-project basis).


2. Are you looking for a summer job at a new place in Canada?

Have you moved recently? In that case, contract work can be a great way to get your first job in Canada. For example, they’re often a go-to for people who have moved because their spouse has found a job somewhere new, especially if kids are involved and both parents want to be bringing in some income. 

If you have a particular set of skills or knowledge in a particular industry, one of the best employment ventures you can make is to contact a recruitment agency early on upon arrival in a new town or city. It can get you some quick and local points for your resume.

Which brings us to the next question…


3. Do You Have Gaps on Your Resume?

One of the greatest virtues of recruitment agencies and contract work is that they help immensely in filling the blank spaces on your CV. There’s no shame in going a while without work—the economy and employment rates have been especially unpredictable in both Canada and the U.S. over the last decade—but it can nonetheless be stressful to feel like every passing day you spend job hunting is expanding that metaphorical white space on your resume.

Some people are worried that having a handful of contract jobs in a row can look bad, since you aren’t staying at any for very long. But the effect is quite the opposite: An increasingly high number of employers love to see an assortment of different experiences, a long list of references from several different places, and, quite simply, that you’ve been keeping busy since your last long-term gig.


4. Are You Exclusively Seeking Long-Term or Permanent Employment?

Even if you would rather settle down with one job for the foreseeable future, recruitment agencies shouldn’t be discounted entirely. As mentioned above, they’re invariably a bonus for your resume, and they can also put you in touch with a company that may end up hiring you full-time in the future.

That being said, some people simply do not want contract jobs. If you are able to financially support an extensive job hunt exclusively seeking a stable position at a company, a recruitment agency might not be for you.


5. Are You Looking For A Contract Job Matching Your Extensive Experience?

Many older prospective employees, who may have a laundry list of expertise they’d like to put to use in a shorter-term role, are finding contract work. A recruitment agency is the best bet for such candidates – as these agencies know the different types of jobs out there, along with an in-depth knowledge of the different types of interview questions being asked from potential candidates.

Temporary recruiting agencies not only provide candidates a chance to find the best employer available out there, they also tend to keep the job seeker’s data on their portal. This creates a chance for candidates to be called upon anytime a job opportunity arises matching their skills.

With the right recruiting agency to help you along with a combination of skills and a solid work-ethic, getting a summer job in Canada becomes a relatively easy and satisfying experience.

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