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Top 4 Engineering Jobs for 2019

Posted by Jamie Dargie

Engineering jobs have been on the rise for many years now as technological innovation continues to rapidly improve the lives of Canadians. Therefore, it is no surprise that engineering jobs are some of the highest paid and most in-demand jobs in the world. In fact, a Payscale report puts the median annual salary of professional engineers in Canada at $74,900. 


As Canada continues to build its infrastructure and expand upon its technological field, it calls upon engineers to put together their skills. Here is a list of the four engineering positions for 2019.


1. Civil Engineer

Civil engineers make between $65,000 and $80,000 per year and they’re also in very high demand. In order to make the most money as civil engineers, Canadians should migrate to Calgary. The world’s most spectacular buildings have been designed and built by civil engineers, and more of these types of engineers are needed in order to continue to create these brilliant structures. In fact, over a quarter of a million (275,000) people work as civil engineers in the United States, and the numbers will only keep increasing.


2. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers have average annual salaries of approximately $63,000 per year, but they can easily make around $80,000.There are over 260,000 mechanical engineers within the United States, which is just about 15,000 less than the number of civil engineers. Mechanical engineers are the ones who are in charge of the manufacturing process of the machinery involved in technological gadgets and building structures. While civil engineers design the building themselves, mechanical engineers make the electronics that permeate peoples’ everyday lives, such as cell phones, public transportation, vehicles, and even prosthetic limbs.


3. Petroleum or Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineer jobs, or even more specifically, petroleum engineer jobs, are surging. In fact, petroleum engineering has been named the fastest growing engineering field by far. It is also very high paying. Canadians should expect approximately $83,000–$84,000 per year from this field. While the chemical engineering field by itself is projected to increase only by around 6% over the next half a decade, those with a background in chemical engineering can turn to petroleum engineering for jobs. Even mining engineers can get involved in this field.


4. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are some of the highest paid engineers in Canada, earning over $80,000 in most Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. In fact, electrical engineers can easily make up to $87,000 with a wage increase of 16%. With such a high paying job, the only reason why electrical engineers do not fall higher on this list is because of their lower expected job growth, which is only 4%. However, this still indicates a good amount of job openings compared to other careers.

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