25 Jun


Posted by Brad Holtkamp

After being stifled with economic downturn for close to two years, Canada’s economy made an impressive comeback in 2017. Riding on this turnaround, unemployment rates in Canada have plummeted to record lows – paving the way for job opportunities for experienced as well as fresh out of college graduates alike.

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20 Jun

Getting Lost In The Crowd: 5 Reasons Why Your Resume Gets Ignored

Posted by Jamie Dargie

The media is suggesting that there are more jobs currently available than there are people applying for them. Somehow, that might not make sense to you if you are sticking to a resume template that is not getting enough responses. It can be very frustrating, but you should not feel you're being ignored because you are incompetent. The challenges may arise in the way you are drafting your resume and how you are marketing your skills.

Design Group Staffing: What We Do

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13 Jun

5 Techniques To Get Employment Agencies Find You The Best Candidate

Posted by Andrea Ryan

From scouting for talent to finding the best candidate, staffing agencies can be really helpful if you are looking to add new employees on your team. Companies are increasingly relying on the expertise of staffing agencies to hire the best talent, and this shows in the $80mn increase in staffing industry’s market size from 2016 to 2017. With the economy stabilizing and unemployment rate at record low, staffing industry in Canada is set to grow at nearly 4% to over $9.1bn in 2018.

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