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Is there a set way to write a resume? Is there a set resume template that the employers are looking forward to – a resume template that is sure to help the candidates in their job search?

Well, when it comes to a resume, never stick to the ‘one size fits all’ policy. For there are skills that require a different layout to be conveyed clearly to the potential employer, and there are industries that require candidates to come up with resume formats that is strictly in-line with their applicant tracking system.

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Your resume is the first piece of introduction that reaches your potential employer even before you establish a contact. It should reflect your personality. And likewise, it should be reflective of the growth your personality exudes. Any new skill you added to your skillset in the last quarter? Is your resume clearly indicating the department you have being serving your current employer in? Is it filled with achievements that separate you from your competition and will get your resume noticed?

We have filtered out 4 key milestones along an ideal professional journey that demand an update in your resume:

1. Looking for a new job in Canada? Go for a resume, not a CV

Are you a fresh graduate looking for your first job? Then a CV might not be the way to go for you. A Curriculum Vitae, or CV as it is popularly known, is an in-depth summary of your course of life (literally!) and is more suited for people applying for academic fellowships and grants. In corporate structure, CV is better suited for a highly experienced professional who needs to detail each and every portfolio he has helped turn around in the course of his professional journey.

A resume, on the other hand, summarizes your professional experiences, the organizations you have worked with and the achievements you’ve had in those positions. It clearly outlines your skills and objectives and lays out the personal information to make it easy for the employer to contact you.


2. Changing Jobs? Time to change your resume

Canada is a booming job market, which is why people shift jobs from one location to another, or even from an industry to altogether new one. A professional resume is one which has all the necessary elements up-to-date. If you are looking for a new job, it is time to update your resume with all the skills you have gained till the very date of your application for the new job.

You are being hired from your current place of work. Hence it makes sense to serve the employers the most updated resume – complete with references as it lends credibility to your skills. What we want out of our professional commitments keeps on changing as we evolve and gain experience. Make sure your resume objective clearly states your expectations of a new workplace so that it serves you as well as the new organization better.


3. Old resume template? Time for a makeover

Resume templates are the “it” thing of recruiting industry. One web search is all it takes to know the number of services promising you ‘that’ resume template which is sure to get you a job.

Steer clear of any such promises. If you feel there has been some time since you last updated your resume, dig into some new templates available online and assess yourself whether you really need a change in resume design and format. If you are applying for jobs already, ask yourself relevant questions: Why am I not getting any calls? Is my resume getting noticed at all?

If the answer is no, it is time to update the resume template. If you use Microsoft Word, the program provides some pre-built resume templates that are industry-standard and save time and energy. Instill a change in design and use the new resume to check for efficiency. If the results are still the same, time to dig in deep and keep on the modifications until one clicks.


4. Promotion or change of responsibilities? Let the resume know!

Even if you stay at the same organization and progress your career, there is no reason your resume should not be updated in sync with your increasing responsibilities.

Write a resume that clearly charts your progress within the organization. Mark out timelines basis your jobs responsibilities at a particular designation. Create a resume layout that clearly outline when you were promoted to Senior Project Manager from Project Manager. These updates are indicative not only of your skills but your quality of being up-to-speed with the ever-evolving careers around you.

Apart from these 4 milestones in your career journey, it never hurts to do a cursory search on the best resume templates that are responsible for converting to interview opportunities. Remember, your resume – which is a snapshot of your professional life – should always speak true of you.

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